- Aug 24, 2017
These workplace gamification examples range from VR training simulators to motivational productivity platforms that keep staff on task, and satisfied within their role. Standouts include Walmart's recent VR simulator workshop which required employees to undergo training in order to prep for massive Black Friday crowds. While Black Friday sales can be a stressful time for in-store staff, an interactive simulator allowed Walmart employees to get ready for the real deal while testing out the latest in VR technology.

Other notable examples include Craft, a business productivity platform that is designed to encourage collaborative brainstorms among a company's staff, while simultaneously keeping deadlines in mind. The app allows companies to stay on task, while leaving room for creative meetings that encourage everyone to share ideas openly.

In addition to gamified workplace platforms that monitor employee productivity and satisfaction, or those that aid with recruiting, other standouts include immersive office interiors. These examples encourage collaboration, and a healthy lifestyle balance while at the office. Notables include jungle gym meeting rooms, fitness-minded offices, and even in-office basketball courts.

From VR Training Simulators to Gamified Productivity Apps: