'Dynamic Signal' Lets Companies Broadcast Messages to Employees

 - Dec 12, 2016
References: dynamicsignal & techcrunch
In earlier times, the company bulletin board was the only way to effectively communicate to a large group of employees at once, but Dynamic Signal is making that old-school form of communication more modern. The system allows large companies to send messages to its employees en masse and directly, making it more likely that employees will see the information.

Dynamic Signal takes advantage of the communication device that virtually every employee is sure to have on them at all times: their smartphone. The service functions just like any other app on users' phones, pinging notifications when the head of a company wants to send a mass message.

Notably, Dynamic Signal isn't meant to be a business chat app along the lines of Slack. Since the app is designed for massive companies (Disney sends messages to its 180,000 employees with Dynamic Signal,) it wouldn't be practical for just person-to-person use