The RescueTime App Aims to Enhance Employee Productivity

 - May 30, 2017
References: rescuetime
RescueTime is an application for computers and mobile devices that ensures that employees are able to manage their time as best they can.

The application is able to track the time that workers spend on various other apps and websites, and is able to give workers an "accurate picture of their day" in the form of detailed reports and data based on users' activity. It is able to set alerts when users have spent too much time on certain activities, block distracting websites for a predetermined amount of time, log highlights and accomplishments from the day, see how much time is spent doing things like answering emails, and help with time management.

The RescueTime app is ideal for employees and those who work at home, who would like an accurate measurement of how they spend their time in order to understand how they can optimize their daily work habits.