The 'Woobo' Looks Like a Furry Monster but It's Also an Educational Toy for Kids

 - Aug 5, 2016
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Cambridge-based start-up 'Woobo' is creating a furry educational toy for children which incorporates artificial intelligence and robots. The founders of the company noticed that children's interactions with stuffed animals were limited and looked for a way to innovate the classic toy. In comes the Woobo, a cute furry monster doubling as an interactive educational robot. The Woobo is being targeted at kids ranging from three to eight, which means Millennial parents will be the ones purchasing the products to enhance their children's playtime and development.

According to co-founder Feng Tan, the Woobo can express all forms of emotions and can assist children in their daily rituals, tell them stories and simply act as a companion. When the toy can't answer questions, it knows to tell the child to speak with their parents and then come back to the robot with the answer. The adorable toy was created to assist with the long-term development of soft skills and foster creativity.