Burger King's 'Cheesy Tots' Ad References Napoleon Dynamite

 - Dec 13, 2016
References: mashable
Burger King is reintroducing its popular 'Cheesy Tots' for a limited time, and the massive QSR is advertising the tots with a reference to a cult comedy classic. The Cheesy Tots ad features Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez, the same actors who played the two lead roles in 2004's 'Napoleon Dynamite.'

One of the famous scenes from 'Napoleon Dynamite,' though there are many, involves the eponymous character and Pedro having an exchange about tater tots -- which famously ends with Napoleon storing a handful of tots in his pocket for later. While Burger King's Cheesy Tots commercial doesn't quite go that far, Heder still steals all of Ramirez's tots.

Interstingly, the ad never overtly mentions 'Napoleon Dynamite,' trusting that actors' former roles and their deadpan styles will be enough to clue in viewers.