This Mobile Parking Map Encourages Co-Workers to Share a KitKat

 - Feb 24, 2016
References: fandbnews
This creative marketing tactic created by KitKat provides offices with mobile parking lots that allow co-workers to park their smartphones and enjoy a candy bar together.

In an attempt to promote KitKat's new 'Snap & Share' candy bar, the brand sent chocolate bars to 120 companies in the United Kingdom. Each bar containing 11 breakable pieces was accompanied by a handheld mobile parking lot where employees were encouraged to park their phones and take a tech-free break.

This clever marketing campaign encouraged employees to unplug -- even for a short time, enjoy some chocolate and verbally interact with their co-workers. Each Snap & Share candy bar was accompanied with a note saying: "Share a break and a KitKat for real. Maybe you’ll get the game-changing idea you’ve been looking for. Whatever happens, we better not see it online."