The 'miss-U-mat' of Reminds Owners of Lonely Pets Waiting by the Door

 - May 14, 2016
References: cesar & adeevee
The 'miss-U-mat' is a special dog doormat from Cesar that connects pet owners to their furry friends when they are away from home. Since many dogs choose to hang out by the door when their owner is away, Cesar developed a smart doormat to open communication between humans and man's best friend.

When a lonely dog goes to sit or lie down on the miss-U-mat, the pet's owner will receive a text message that says "I miss you." The longer a dog stays on the mat, the more heartfelt the messages become, like: "Are you seeing another dog?"

The rise of smart technology is permeating the industry for pet products, including smart mats like this one, as well as bark-decoding collars and camera-connected pet feeders.