This Commercial Features Untranslatable Spanish Phrases

 - Jan 22, 2016
This past spring, Target lunched a unique ad campaign that involved using untranslatable Spanish phrases to connect with Hispanic consumers. Many Hispanic consumers, particularly Millennials, embrace both English and Spanish as part of a bicultural reality. This add embraced that experience by connecting with Hispanic consumers in a more personal way.

In March of 2015, Target launched its '#SinTraducción' campaign, which involves a series of ads peppered with untranslatable Spanish phrases. The words chosen were those that captured traditions, emotions and moments that are treasured by Hispanic consumers. Some phrases included 'Estrenar,' which refers to the act of using something for the first time and 'Arrullo,' which is the Spanish term for lullaby. These terms not only connected with Hispanic customers on a more personal level, but they also acknowledged the bicultural reality that many young Hispanic consumers experience on a daily basis.