This Coca-Cola Ad Teleports Londoners to Ushuaïa’s Party in Ibiza

 - Mar 30, 2016
References: creativecriminals
This new Coca-Cola ad is titled 'The Unexpected Machine' and questions if it is possible to teleport the fun of Ushuaïa’s party in Ibiza to the rainy streets of London.

In doing so, Coke installed a unique vending machine on Brick St., London that could communicate with pedestrians as they passed by. Those who stopped to investigate the vending machine further did not realize that it was also a door capable of "teleporting" them to Ushuaïa’s party.

Of course, teleportation isn’t truly possible, but the vending machine offered the next best thing. For those who responded to the commands of the machine, it would open up to reveal a room where Ushuaïa’s event was being livestreamed in a 360-degree projection. From here, the lucky Londoners could party, dance and sing in unison with the crowd in Ibiza more than 2,000 km away.