Geico's 'Raccookin' Ads Feature Raccoons Parodying Food Tutorials

 - Oct 25, 2016
References: adweek
Geico's new ad campaign features TV spots with additional online extras called 'Raccookin' that continue where the TV ads leave off.

The TV ad features three raccoons scavenging for food in garbage cans, with one of them finding something disgusting he wants his friends to try in order to see how awful it is. This ad is followed up by the web-series Raccookin', which features the raccoon creating meals from the items scavenged. Raccookin' parodies the popular food tutorials that can be found on multiple sites, including YpiTube. The raccoon chef is creative with his ingredients, making dishes like "Week-old Chicken Alfredo", "Pepperoni Garbage Bread" and "Dumpster Pumpkin Pie". The raccoon's commentary throughout the parody food tutorial is highly amusing, including "let's mix the other stuff too, broth, curdled milk, whatever that is, gross."