Arby's Pizza Slider is Dressed with Classic Pizza Toppings

 - May 23, 2017
References: arbys & brandeating
Arby's is launching a new Pizza Slider for a limited time, inspired by the ingredients that are commonly found on the top of a pizza pie. The Pizza Slider is made on a mini bun with the same pepperoni, salami, cheese and roasted garlic marinara sauce that goes onto the regular pizzas served by Arby's. The limited-time menu items shows the ease with which a few existing menu ingredients can be fashioned to make an entirely new offering.

The small-scale sandwich from Arby's will appeal to pizza lovers who are looking for a quick, satisfying and flavorful snack, but don't want to order a whole pizza or even just a slice.

Arby's also offers a range of hearty sliders filled with everything from spicy buffalo chicken to jalapeno roast beef.