These Lekker&Anders! Pizzas Boast Sujuk and Doner Toppings

As an alternative to creating a pizza with fairly traditional Italian-inspired toppings, Lekker&Anders! launched a trio of globally inspired pizzas that celebrate authentic Turkish flavors.

The three recently launched pizza products include a chicken kebab-topped Doner Pizza, a Vegetarian Turkish Pizza that is meant to be eaten rolled up like a wrap and a Sujuk Pizza, which is topped with a popular type of spicy beef sausage, green olives and a pre-baked fried egg.

Inspired by the adventurous spirit of the foodie movement, many consumers are looking to experience reinterpretations of their favorite comfort foods with globally inspired flavors and ingredients. These crossover pizzas are a perfect example of how food and beverage brands are mixing and matching different cuisines to offer entirely new creations.