Pizza Hut's Loyalty App Was Designed to Appeal to a Younger Market

Pizza Hut's Loyalty App is a digital execution of the casual dining chain's new look.

Pizza Hut's thoughtfully laid-out tool is targeting millennials by offering unique experiences on a digital platform. The app enables customers to book tables and order food all while collecting rewards points. The redeemable rewards include a choice of free mouthwatering sides or pizza after three to six visits.

Earlier in the year, Pizza Hut rolled out more customized and fresh options to attract a younger demographic and this new app serves as a digitized embodiment of the brand's wider strategy to appeal to that market. Designed specifically with Millennials in mind, this app features a neon color palette to attract and hold the attention of a younger demographic.

Pizza Hut's loyalty app serves as an example of the restaurant industry's values shifting from attracting new clients, to ensuring returning customers feel appreciated and catered to.