Ermont Inc, a Massachusetts Dispensary, Sells Pizza with THC Tomato Sauce

 - Jun 15, 2017
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Marijuana users know that the decreasingly taboo drug goes well with a slice of pizza, and Ermont Inc., a medical marijuana dispensary based out of the small town of Quincy, Massachusetts, is taking that combination a little more literally. Rather than eating pizza after partaking in marijuana, Ermont Inc. is combining the activities into a single dish with its marijuana-infused pizza.

Ermont's pizzas are six-inch cheese pies with thin crust. Each pizza comes with 125 milligrams of THC cooked into the tomato sauce, which equates to a medium-sized dose of marijuana.

According to the company's operations manager, the THC-laden pizzas are a response to patients' requests for more savory edible options. Typically, edibles come in the form of sweets like brownies, cookies, or lollipops. The pizzas allow patients to consumer THC without also consuming a tremendous amount of sugar.