Domino's AnyWare Lets Consumers Order Though Any IoT Device

 - Nov 6, 2017
References: anyware.dominos & macrumors
Not all that long ago, it was an impressive feature when pizza delivery companies offered online ordering; Domino's laughs in the face of those quaint, backwards times with its new Domino's AnyWare system. The recently announced pizza delivery platform, if it can rightly be called that, lets users order from the international pizza chain through virtually any preexisting platform or device that they use in their daily lives.

If ordering through any platform sounds like an exaggeration, it's worth listing out the myriad ways through which Domino's AnyWare makes the pizza available. With the new integrated system, customers can order through Google Home, Amazon Alexa, office chat app Slack, Facebook Messenger, text, in-car systems, smart TVs, smart watch, Tweet, voice, or Domino's proproetary Zero Click app. And if that weren't enough already, Domino's also promises more avenues for ordering in the future.