The Pizza Hut Epic Cheesy Lava Pizza is Available in Singapore

 - Jun 21, 2017
References: chewboom
The lava cake is a popular dessert at many restaurants and might've been the inspiration behind the new Pizza Hut Epic Cheesy Lava Pizza that is available exclusively in Singapore. The pizza features a crust that has been infused with cheese that is allowed to ooze out in order to draw the comparison between the fast food meal and the way that lava flows.

The pizza is topped with battered fried chicken, red capsicums, cream cheese, black pepper mayonnaise, turkey bacon and finally drizzled with more cheese sauce.

The Pizza Hut Epic Cheesy Lava Pizza has been announced as a limited-edition pizza that has been created as a promotion for the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming that's set to launch this summer.