The 'ReCure' Bandage Relieves Neck and Shoulder Pain

 - Mar 24, 2017
References: & betalist
Many people suffer from neck and shoulder pain either from their job or some other lifestyle aspect, so the 'ReCure' bandage is intended to be an effective means to reduce and eliminate it.

The 'ReCure' bandage works by being affixed onto the upper neck and shoulders, and monitors for tension when worn. When tension is detected, the 'ReCure' will offer impulse feedback to remind the person to relax their muscles in order to alleviate the development of pain.

The 'ReCure' bandage works on an upstream notion to alleviate neck and shoulder pain by working to correct the associated tension that is stems from. The 'ReCure' could also work to make a person more mindful of their body and to get more active in order to alleviate ailments developed from a sedentary lifestyle.