The Robinsons 'Refresh’d' Spring Water with Fruit is Sugar-Free

 - Mar 29, 2017
References: foodbev
Soda and other sugary drinks are continually being slammed by health-conscious consumers for being quite unhealthy, so brands are responding with products like the Robinsons 'Refresh’d' spring water with fruit.

Developed as a spring water beverage with real fruit in the mix, the Robinsons 'Refresh’d' beverages are completely free of added sugar and are focused on enabling quick hydration without added ingredients. This makes them a suitable alternative to other prepackaged juices, sodas and sports drinks on the market that are often loaded with either lots of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The Robinsons 'Refresh’d' spring water with fruit beverages come in three flavor varieties including Apple & Kiwi, Orange & Lime and Raspberry & Apple. Each of the different flavors contains just 55 calories.