The Healthy Scratch Food Truck will Serve Up Smoothies and Bowls

Food trucks are often associated with heavier fare, but The Healthy Scratch Food Truck is set to provide an alternative that's much more focused on fresh, healthy options. Expanding from the business's existing brick-and-mortar location at The Shops at HarboCenter in Buffalo, the food truck will be serve up fresh juices, smoothies and bowls. This will offer a wide array of delicious yet healthy options for consumers who are on-the-go to enjoy without feeling as though they have made a choice that's too indulgent.

The Healthy Scratch Food Truck is the latest endeavor from owners Jessie and Kelly Pegula who explained that, "The food truck is a perfect fit for our customers and is another way for us to cater to their healthy active lifestyles. Going into the spring and summer, we will have the opportunity to expand our footprint across Western New York with the addition of our food truck."