- Apr 29, 2017
These April 2017 business trends incorporate a wide range of highly innovative apps, platforms, services, pop-ups, office spaces, and more.

On Toronto's Queen Street West, Honey Nut Cheerios created a futuristic pop-up grocery store that was a part of the cereal brand's #BringBackTheBees campaign, which brings awareness to the need to protect bee populations. Due to this, the grocery store shows how much would go missing from store shelves if bee populations continue to decline. In addition to Honey Nut Cheerios being absent, fresh fruits, vegetables, and a variety of other important food staples were missing.

Also featured in these April 2017 business trends is the new analytical subscription service that's being tested by Twitter. Although some of the useful functions would be available to all users for no cost, it's more advanced tools, which are intended for businesses, journalists, and other professionals, would be part of a paid service. With this, users could more efficiently see how well their posts are doing, what people are Tweeting about, and much more.

From Credit Card Platforms to Interactive Beauty Vanities: