Ace & Tate's Hamburg Flagship is Designed as a Maze

 - Mar 6, 2017
References: wallpaper
The Dutch brand Ace & Tate recently opened a new flagship store in Hamburg, Germany, that features a unique layout. Instead of displaying eyewear in a large, open space, the store is set up as a maze that offers customers a unique in-store experience.

The Ace & Tate flagship is a hip space designed in collaboration with the Dutch agency Standard Studio. The store itself is a maze-like space separated by semi-transparent walls that section off different retail zones. The unique layout is meant to convey a 'Hide and Seek' theme that was inspired by the winding streets of Hamburg. As Ace & Tate owner and founder Mark de Lange explains, "The city has many sides to it and as you turn each corner you’re faced with something different, so we were keen to reflect this in our store design." In other words, the store's maze-inspired layout perfectly mirrors the experience of exploring the city's streets.