Lidl Opened a Pop-Up Shop in Hamburg for Its New Clothing Collection

 - Mar 7, 2017
Last fall, the German supermarket brand Lidl opened up a pop-up shop for its new fashion collection. With a growing number of supermarket chains adding clothing sections to their stores, the pop-up shop helped educate consumers about the kinds of trendy pieces they can pick up during their weekly grocery run.

The Lidl pop-up was hosted this past September at a premium high street location in Hamburg. Nestled among shops like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, Lidl sold its new fashion collection 'Esmara.' To differentiate the collection from other clothing brands, the pop-up was peppered with aspiration lifestyle products and Instagram-friendly displays. The supermarket brand even ran its first dedicated television campaign in order to promote products like its cashmere sweaters.

Lidl's pop-up shop demonstrates that even non-fashion brands can use temporary retail as an effective way to engage consumers.