Andrzej Niegrzybowski's BeClinic Stand Spotlights Nutritious Supplements

 - Mar 16, 2017
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Designed by architect Andrzej Niegrzybowski. the BeClinic pharmacy kiosk spotlights premium supplements in a unique way. The compact retail stand offers consumers a high quality range of vitamins, natural remedies and nutritious snacks that are each color-coded and elegantly arranged.

Curating a limited selection of premium products, BeClinic offers everything from raw protein and nutrient powders, to daily multivitamins and detoxifying tea blends. Targeting a health-conscious consumer group, this pharmacy kiosk boasts clean and contemporary branding and is located in the heart of a shopping mall in Gdynia, Poland.

Andrzej Niegrzybowski's modern retail stand is not only boldly branded but also spotlights artisanal and natural medicines. The stand's focus is on a few rather than many product offerings, ensuring visitors are not overwhelmed when looking for specific remedies.