'Woobi' is an Anti-Pollution Mask Encourages Kids to Put It Together

 - Mar 18, 2017
References: kilodesign.dk
'Woobi' is the name of an anti-pollution mask specifically for kids that is designed to filter at least 95% of dangerous airborne particulates.

What sets the design of Woobi apart is that it is sold disassembled and challenges kids to put it together with the guidance of a manual. By having children build their own mask in this way, they are given the chance to understand the purpose of the mask as a whole, as well as how each individual part adds to the function of the wearable. On top of it all, Woobi also allows ample room for customization, with pieces of different colors that can be swapped for one another.

Even in comparison to anti-pollution masks for adults, Woobi stands out for a design that does not leave most of the face concealed.