The Garden Genie Gloves Let Wearers Dig and Scrape without Tools

 - Mar 13, 2017
References: amazon & droold
Those who want to prune their garden with total precision can make use of the Garden Genie gardening gloves to do so thanks to the unexpected design that they boast. Outfitted with claws, the Garden Genie gloves allow wearers to dig down into the earth to plant bulbs and seeds or prune their greenery without having to utilize traditional tools. This makes them ideal for areas that might require extra care and precision to prevent damage from being inflicted onto shrubbery or flowers.

The Garden Genie gardening gloves are puncture-resistant and designed with a flexible material that allows them to be worn by people with all different sizes of hands. The unisex aesthetic of the Garden Genie gloves makes them suitable for use by men or women alike.