- Jun 17, 2019
With fresh new fine jewelry products, brands, collaborations and campaigns, cultured diamond innovations are shaking up the traditional jewelry industry. While many consumers still want to invest in fine pieces of jewelry, Millennials are opting for sustainable alternatives that are conflict-free, sustainably sourced and often higher in quality yet lower in price. De Beers launched Lightbox Jewelry as its own foray into the world of lab-grown diamonds, appealing to younger consumers who are passionate about making purchases that align with their ethical and environmental values.

Some of the other brands that are leading the charge with lab-grown diamond innovations include Lark & Berry, which recently launched a global campaign for its first anniversary, as well as Couple and Engrace Diamonds, plus others traditional jewelers that are expanding their offerings to include necklaces, earrings and rings with lab-grown inserts.

From Cultured Engagement Rings to Stackable Lab-Grown Rings: