'Ginza Ladis 1' Hires Actors to Stop Your Partner from Cheating

 - Jul 17, 2017
References: ladis-wakaresaseya & odditycentral
Ginza Ladis 1 is a rental service in Japan that lets you hire a professional actor to infiltrate your cheating partner's side relationship to convince their lover to leave them.

The bizarre service offered by a private investigative company in Tokyo allows clients to rent out actors to befriend partner who is suspected of being unfaithful. The actors commit to a 240-day scheme, which begins with tracking the target's interests. The actors are planted at events the subject is attending and are tasked with befriending them organically, gaining their trust and ultimately convincing them to step down from their affair.

The company has been known to create special scenes at hotels, apartments and pop-up cafes to make the "friendship" more believable.