- Aug 26, 2017
August 2017 brand activations reveal a variety of creative trends, some of which are related to art and others which are associated with what is still the most popular style of pop-up – those related to food.

The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago will be offering a new exhibit titled "Specimens with Something to Say," that involves the help of people who are willing to record their voices in the pop-up audio booth, which records participants speaking from a short script. The recordings will be part of the exhibit, and which function as a unique new way to boost engagement in a museum setting.

With Nutella now offering its own cafes in North America, the brand has also expanded to pop-up dessert trucks. The Nutella food truck will be featured in Australia, and all of the varying beverages and desserts it offers will contain the popular hazelnut spread.

From Personal Museum Recordings to Pop-Up Dessert Trucks: