The Pocket Sock Has a Hidden Pouch to Hide an Engagement Ring Box

 - Jul 24, 2017
References: theboxsock
These discreet pocket socks from 'Box Sock' were designed to maintain the surprise of a well-planned engagement proposal.

Those who have ever tried to plan a surprise wedding proposal know it can be tricky to find a place to keep the ring handy inside bulky jewelry boxes. As a fun and easy way to help consumers maintain the ruse, Box Sock designed a pair of socks that can keep a special ring box concealed, yet on hand. A built-in pocket on the top of these socks is designed to conceal an engagement ring, with high-quality fabrics to keep the ring securely in place. A variety of fun prints make these a go-to accessory for any well-planned proposal.

These discreet socks can be purchased alone (the ring can slip inside the handy pocket) or with an accompanying box (smaller than usual ring boxes to fit inside the pocket sock).