The Nature Valley Nut Butter Granolas Make for a Creamy, Crunchy Snack

While there are plenty of granola products that are mixed with peanuts and almonds, the all-new Nature Valley Nut Butter Granolas offer a novel way to enjoy a creamier version of these popular nuts.

The Nature Valley Nut Butter Granolas are being introduced to consumers in Peanut Butter and Almond Butter flavors, promising to deliver the crunch of a granola with the creaminess of a nut butter. Alongside whole grain oats, some of the ingredients that are included are rice flour, molasses, honey and rice fiber, plus natural flavors and Vitamin E to help preserve the freshness of the product.

Just like classic granola mixes, these new hybrid varieties from Nature Valley can be enjoyed with milk or yogurt, or alternatively, eaten on their own straight out of the bag.