'BRIPS' Introduces a Traditional Russian Bread Snack in the Shape of Chips

As its name suggests, 'BRIPS' is a hybrid product that combines a traditional Russian bread snack with the easy-to-shape of a potato chip.

The bread chips are made with rye bread, sunflower oil and the appropriate herbs and spices to create five flavors: Cured Bacon, Roasted Garlic, Sea Salt, Sour Cream, Roasted Onion and Thai Sweet Chili. In all, BRIPS are made without MSG, artificial flavors and artificial colors.

For many consumers, bread is a comfort food that can be difficult to reduce one's intake of, yet these bite-sized bread snacks have the potential to help with moderation. The all-new snacks have the potential to be eaten on their own straight out of the bag or served with a variety of spreads or dips, much like the classic tortilla chip.