This Kit Kat Bar Flavor Aims to Capture the Essence of Youth

 - Sep 10, 2017
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One of the newest Kit Kat bar flavors to be introduced in Japan combines the taste of three citrus fruits—lemon, sudachi and Mandarin orange—with a base of white chocolate. The unconventional flavor pairing from the brand was said to be concocted to capture the "sweet and sour experience of being young."

The zesty, summery Kit Kat chocolates are packaged in a box that boasts imagery from baseball stadium. In line with the style of packaging of this new product, sales of this new Kit Kat flavor are set to support youth baseball and softball organizations across Japan.

Over the years, Kit Kat has introduced a range of innovative varieties for its confections, including chocolate bars that capture the unique flavors of everything from sake and autumnal pumpkin pie to cough drops.