Applebee’s is Selling a Deep-Fried Cheetos Burger Bomb in the UAE

 - May 4, 2018
References: chewboom
While Cheetos has already been used to make everything from ice cream to milkshakes, now the neon orange snack food is being used to prepare a monstrous new culinary creation called the 'Cheetos Burger Bomb.'

Available exclusively from Applebee’s UAE locations, the Cheetos Burger Bomb is the ultimate junk food hybrid. The unexpected dish consists of the brand's signature Bacon Cheeseburger coated in a Cheetos tempura batter, deep-fried, and then finished with a thick layer of Cheetos dust. The bright orange burger is also served with curly fries, coleslaw, and an equally orange Cheetos aioli.

Of course, the cheesy new entree with not be available to just anyone. The new dish is an exclusive VIP menu item, meaning customers must be an Applebee’s UAE VIP member to order the over-the-top burger.

Image Credits: Applebee’s UAE.