- Jul 1, 2018
These June 2018 unique products and experiences are bound to peak everyone's interest. From the oddness of the royal family-themed swimsuits to the adorable functionality of the mechanically updated Barbie cars, creativity can both arise feelings of inspiration and puzzlement.

The culinary world is surely full of experimentation as new products and unconventional food hybrids begin to arise. While luxe Jakarta-based steakhouse Willie Brothers introduces innovative charcoal-infused mozzarella to its dishes, the rest of the food industry is strongly pushing the boundaries of taste with ketchup-flavored ice creams and egg-infused cappuccinos.

Other unique projects in June incorporate the principle of sustainability, as people are beginning to think outside of the box with Scobi-made edible food packaging and tableware made from food waste.

From Fanny Pack-Infused Slides to Comfy Bread-Shaped Sofas: