Greggs Went Undercover at a Gourmet Food Festival as Gregory and Gregory

 - May 30, 2018
References: prexamples
At this year's Foodies Festival, the UK's largest celebration of food and drinks, event-goers found themselves in the presence of Michelin-starred chefs, Masterchef champions, artisan producers, hip street food vendors and plenty of premium food offerings from Gregory and Gregory.

Gregory and Gregory served a range of delicious dishes, including salads, pasta, rice-based dishes and vegan wraps, but unbeknownst to festival attendees, these products actually reflected the newest menu from grab-and-go food retailer Greggs.

Brands across multiple industries use redirection as a tactic to intentionally deceive consumers for the purposes of getting them to reframe their perspectives. This strategy is particularly common when it comes to getting consumers to see the immense value in simple products that could seem more expensive than they really are—when presented in the right light.