- May 27, 2018
These May 2018 marketing trends cover a variety of different campaigns that aim to attract consumer interest by disrupting the current market, ensuring that they leave with a positive or at least memorable association with the brand that prompts them to prioritize it above others.

Now that the prohibition surrounding cannabis products is largely coming to an end, many advertising agencies have been busy trying to erase the stigma that continues to follow cannabis use. An example of this comes from MadMen, California's largest marijuana retailer, which recently launched its 'Forget Stoner' campaign.

In the simple ads, a range of different professionals are shown, who are different from the typical "stoner" that most might think of. With this, the ads show that cannabis can be beneficial for everyone for different reasons, whether it's dealing with chronic pain. stress, or anxiety.

From Age-Inclusive Beauty Campaigns to Anniversary Hot Sauces: