Tobias Trübenbacher Uses Animal Offal for His 'Inner Values' Collection

Tobias Trübenbacher — an industrial design student at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, made use of animal by-product for his experimental chair designs. In an attempt to counter the wasteful culture in the food industry and to redefine the current ungrateful approach to livestock, the young creative selected animal offal as a material.

Tobias Trübenbacher dried, stretched and wove pig bladders and cow intestines for the creation of his chairs. The animal by-product was then "prepared with glue and resin or blown up." To bring about a more agreeable aesthetic, the designer experimented with tanning for his unconventional furniture.

Inner Values does not only place emphasis on the existing worth in animal by-products, however. The experiment also seeks to reveal whether individuals will choose to interact with objects, made up of materials that are stereotypically upheld as abhorrent.