The DeLight Paper-Based Tray is an Alternative to Boxed Plastic

 - Dec 19, 2017
References: packagingdigest
The DeLight paper-based tray is being launched as an alternative to traditional boxed plastic tray packaging for frozen foods that can be heated in both conventional and microwave ovens. The tray is notable for being the first of its kind as a hybrid made with renewable paper sources that are enhanced with plastic polymers.

The DeLight tray is available in a range of sizes, including standard eight-ounce to 54-ounce options, as well as a special 100-ounce foodservice tray.

For retail use, the trays are compatible with direct on-tray printing. PinnPACK, which acquired the rights to distribute the new DeLight tray, notes that "The marketing possibilities with DeLight are endless as we are able to print photo-resolution imagery directly on the tray, which is currently not possible with the CPET (crystallized PET) and polypropylene trays that dominate this space."