The 'Fookie' Fuses a Top Layer of Fudge to a Cookie Base

The creation of a croissant-doughnut crossbreed paved the way for many new dessert hybrids to be produced, including everything from "piecaken" to donut muffins and ice cream-filled cupcakes—now, 'Fookie' is also looking for a slice of success with its fudge-cookie crossovers.

As the name suggests, the Fookie is made with a base layer of cookie that is topped with a thick layer of fudge. The result looks like a dessert bar, but actually offers a two-in-one dessert.

The Fookie was invented by a mom-and-pop shop in order to keep up with the year-round demand for fudge. The inventive dessert hybrid is now offered in four fun flavors, including Fook-A-Doodle, Crazy 4 Caramel, Ebony & Ivory, as well as the Original Fookie, which features a classic chocolate chip cookie base.