Gyroville's New Gyrodilla is a Cross Between a Gyro and Quesadilla

 - Jul 3, 2017
References: facebook & qsrmagazine
As the demand for hybrid menu items remains strong, the fast casual Mediterranean joint Gyroville has debuted a unique creation called the Gyrodilla. A cross between a gyro and quesadilla, the dish combines the best of Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines.

The Gyrodilla is a hybrid dish that puts a Mediterranean twist on a grilled tortilla. Instead of traditional Mexican fillings, the dish features shaved gyro meat, grilled onions, roasted corn salsa and fresh cilantro. For an added kick, the tortilla is dressed in barbecue sauce and coated in a sprinkling of white cheddar cheese before the entire sandwich is melted to perfection. The resulting dish is what founder and CEO of Gyroville Lambros Kokkinelis refers to as "a bold marriage of flavors."