Checkers and Rally's New Burgers are Made with 'Monsterella Stix'

 - Feb 20, 2017
References: facebook & brandeating
In an effort to cater to the growing number of consumers on the hunt for hybrid dishes and outrageous fast food creations, the sister chains Checkers and Rally's have debuted two new dishes topped with the brands' signature 'Monsterella Stix.'

The new hybrid dishes from Checkers and Rally's include the Monsterella Stix Double and Monsterella Chicken Parm. The former is made with two beef patties, Swiss cheese, marinara sauce and two Monsterella Stix. The latter features the same toppings, but swaps the beef for a quarter-pound crispy chicken patty. The key ingredient for each dish is the cheese-filled Monsterella Stix, which are mozzarella sticks that have been breaded and seasoned with the chains' Famous Fry seasoning.

The new dishes demonstrate the ongoing demand for over-the-top fast food dishes that combine unexpected ingredients.