'Furukari' Blends Creamy Milk Chocolate and Crunchy Dried Asian Fruits

 - Sep 6, 2017
References: lannaagro & packagingoftheworld
'Furukari' is a brand that makes unique fruit chocolates by pairing Hokkaido milk chocolate with dried fruits from Asia.

Like conventional chocolate bars, these ones can be snapped to form smaller, bite-sized pieces, but differentiate themselves in terms of taste and texture. The hybrid fruit and milk chocolate bars get their name from a combination of the words "fruit" and "crunchy" in Japanese, resulting in a title that perfectly captures the essence of the products.

Previously, the fruit and milk chocolate treats were released to the market under a different name that did not perform well. With a new visual identity and a brand name that spotlights fruit as a main part of these snacks, it is reported that Furukari has "already gained quite a number of fans."