OneForNeptune's White Fish Jerky is Rich in Protein and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

At the Summer Fancy Food Show, OneForNeptune set itself apart as a snack brand that makes white fish jerky, but also aims to minimize seafood waste and support small-scale fisheries.

The white fish jerky is said to mimic the taste and texture of classic beef jerky, yet offer more protein and omega-3 fatty acids with less saturated fat. OneForNeptune offers unique flavors like Honey Lemon Ginger, Fiery Cajun and Norse Smoke, which pays homage to Vikings with a blend of sea salt, cracked pepper and juniper berries.

On OneForNeptune's website, consumers will soon be able to trace where their snacks come from, right down to the name of the small-scale harvester who caught it, by entering a code.