- Dec 16, 2018
Pizza is probably one of the most enjoyed foods in the world and these pizza lover gifts are sure to appeal to even the pickiest pizza eater.

Featured on this list is the Bakerstone Portable Pizza Oven Box. Functioning as a gas-powered appliance, this unique pizza-cooking vessel has the ability to be used in almost any environment. It can reportedly offer the same performance as wood-fired ovens but utilizes gas to allow for greater efficiency and portability. The use of gas also allows the Bakerstone Portable Pizza Oven Box to hit heat levels of over 800 degrees Fahrenheit which allows the gadget the ability to fully cook a pizza in just two minutes.

Also included on this list is Pizza Wine by Gapest Wines & Co. Made with handpicked Sangiovese red Italian wine grapes, this unique libation was created specifically to work with the flavorful experience of a pizza. Part of what makes this wine so extraordinary lies in its unique consumer perspective that aims to address the craze behind pizza and offers a product that is generally unthought of when eating a pie.

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