Hail Merry's Mini Miracle Tarts Now Come in a Blueberry and Açaí Flavor

Last year, the health food brand Hail Merry expanded its line of Mini Miracle Tarts to include a new Blueberry-Açaí flavor. Not only are the bite-sized treats vegan-friendly, but they are also made with a colorful new superfood that is quickly becoming popular among North American consumers.

The Blueberry-Açaí Mini Miracle Tarts are single-serve desserts that are raw, vegan and gluten-free. The filling of each tart is made from a combination of organic blueberries and organic açaí, which gives it a vibrant purple hue. These ingredients not only make the tarts look extra appetizing, but they also deliver the antioxidant benefits of açaí, which has been dubbed the "Queen of Superfoods."

With a superfood filling and diet-friendly ingredients, the purple-hued tarts are sure to appeal to health-conscious consumers.