'Don Bugito' Makes a New Kind of Chocolate Covered Treat

Even on a quick trip to the supermarket, it's easy to pick up a bag of chocolate-covered treats made with a base of nuts, raisins or candy pieces. Don Bugito is setting itself apart in this market by producing an entirely different kind of chocolate-covered snacks. This business specializes in insects, using mealworms, crickets and toasted superworms to deliver a sustainable source of protein and flavor to consumers.

Don Bugito's 'Chocolate Covered Bugitos' and 'Dark Chocolate Covered Crickets' are hand-dipped in non-dairy bittersweet chocolate and topped with sea salt for added decadence.

As a self-described "edible insect street food project," the brand also offers snack packs with mixed ingredients, such as Chile-Lime Crickets with Pumpkin Seeds and Granola Bites Powered by Cricket Flour. Products like these make it easier for people in the west to accept the idea of incorporating edible insects into their diet.