The Joy the Baker Banana, Walnut and Chocolate Post is Eclectic

 - Dec 7, 2012
References: joythebaker & joythebaker
Joy the Baker's Banana, Walnut and Chocolate Cookie Cake merges two favored desserts in one. She supports the recipe as not only delectable but also practical as it can be made within a single bowl, cutting down subsequent cleaning times.

This cookie-cake hybrid is made with melted brown sugar, butter, egg, banana, cinnamon, flour, chunky bits of chocolate and walnuts. Bourbon can be added as an optional ingredient, depending on what one is feeling for the dish. Joy describes the whole skillet as a "...bizarre and magical combination." With coffee cream scooped on top, it is indeed an enticing mixture of warm and cold temperatures with both sweet and savory flavors, all of which are served in a single sitting.