Tom Bridge and Paul Williams' Easter Pies Fuse Dinner with Dessert

 - Mar 25, 2015
References: theboltonnews
In anticipation of spring, chef Tom Bridge teamed up with chocolatier Paul Williams to create a unique series of Easter pies. Meat-filled pies and chocolate are two staples of this holiday, but rather than separating them out for dinner and dessert, the duo created a set of hybrid meals.

The three recipes from Bridge and Williams include: a lamb and potato ragu pie with dark chocolate and mint sauce, a blue cheese and onion pie with milk chocolate and finally, a chicken and mushroom pie with white chocolate, garlic, coffee and chilli. For the adventurous, the creators have shared their unusual recipes, as well as shortcut versions for those who want to get a taste of these treats faster. Just like cracking into an Easter egg, there's a real surprise inside these meat pies.