The InstaGraham Crackers are Creative Baking Creations

 - Jul 5, 2012
References: bakerella & joesdaily
Baking goddess and blogger Bakerella has engaged in some clever word play and delicious social media integration with the InstaGraham Crackers. These homemade Instagram-inspired graham cracker snacks are a cute way to express and applaud the instant artistic merit commonly contracted by avid Instagram users. Give graham crackers a role other than sandwiching the side of a fluffy marshmallow with these creative camera cookies.

On Bakerella’s blog, she explains each individual baking step that will eventually lead to these glorious graham cracker creations. As an avid baker, Bakerella has decided to make her graham crackers from scratch; this time-consuming step can be avoided and removed by purchasing the pre-made graham crackers.

For individuals with an intense passion for the picture-sharing program, I would suggest sharing InstraGraham via Instagram -- so meta.