From Drinkable Campfire Confections to Chocolate Marshmallow Poutines

 - Nov 13, 2014
S'more treats combine some of the greatest ingredients together into a campfire classic everyone loves. The standard melty, sweet sandwich consists of graham crackers, toasted marshmallow and chocolate. However, some people are taking it upon themselves to add extra ingredients to really take the s'more to the next level. This provides an endless amount of creativity.

This can be done in a dessert variation, such as campfire cookie cupcakes, campfire confection scones and deluxe campfire-inspired squares. Others are introducing savory ingredients like bacon into s'more treats, as seen with bacon s'more sandwiches, confectionary campfire bacon and porky dessert sandwiches. Of course, you can also incorporate other salty aspects like chicken wings, potatoes, poutine and popcorn. S'mores are also available in beverage form, including truffle hot chocolates, caffeinated campfire chillers and toasted edible shooters.